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Bone Flap Fixation
dynamic plate contracted.png

Khanna Dynamic NuCrani plates placed over the craniotomy burr holes fixate the bone flap and prevent bone flap sinking

Cranial Decompression
dynamic plate expanded.png

Increase in intracranial pressure from brain swelling or intracranial hemorrhage exerts pressure on the bone flap which migrates outwards enabled by the reversibly expandable NuCrani dynamic plates and increases intracranial volume



Caution: This device is not for sale in the United States and its use is limited under the regulations of the US FDA for Investigational Devices.

Dynamic Craniotomy


A: Craniotomy with bone flap removal.

B: Durotomy with dural expansive patch grafting. C: Fixation of bone flap with dynamic plates. D: Bone flap elevation to accommodate an increase in intracranial volume from brain swelling and/or intracranial hemorrhage. E: Retraction of bone flap in anatomic flush position after resolution of brain swelling.

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